“Complex” Chris Rockwell & “Sharp” Sam Shields, collectively known as “The Midnight Sensations,” are one interesting, and talented duo. Many have compared their styles, personas & look to some great tag teams of the past, such as “New Breed” Sean Royal & Chris Champion, “The Midnight Express” Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane and “The Rockers” Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty.

While dressed in some odd apparel and talk of being from the Triton moon, the Sensations have raised some eyebrows. And even here, in this recent video, the Sensations have some fun at the expense of the Unified ECWA/TWA Tag Team Champions, “FUSION DS” Matt Saigon & Damian Dragon. But make no mistake about it; the Sensations are one talented, effective and dangerous tag team, capable of beating the best the sport has to offer. FUSION DS can attest to that, as they had one classic, back and forth battle with the Sensations at the ECWA, May 7th in Newark, Delaware to unify the vacant ECWA Tag Titles with the TWA Tag Titles that FUSION DS came into the bout with.

BE THERE July 16th for the rematch, as FUSION DS collides with the Midnight Sensations one more time for the Unified Tag Titles. For tix and info call 609.220.5598 or email info@ecwaprowrestling.com


As Chris Rockwell uses his native homeland the Triton moon as inspiration, Sam Shields is focused on the challenge that lies ahead.

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