FUSION DS- The journey begins!

Good fortune and opportunity never seems to be found when you are looking for it, rather it surprises you when you least expect it.

And that is what happened to Matt Saigon and Damian Dragon, ECWA & TWA’s Cinderella Story, on Sunday, Jan 30th, 2011 at TWA’s Wrestles Autism event in Voorhees, NJ.

ECWA & TWA Tag Team Champions at the time, “The Best Around” TJ Cannon and Bruce Maxwell, were scheduled to meet Team MackTion, TJ and Kirby Mack, for the TWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP. The Macks were unfortunately unable to make the event due to unavoidable circumstance. TWA Commissioner Joel Goodhart, in a last minute attempt to find a replacement tag team for the champions, surveyed the locker room. Damian Dragon and Matt Saigon immediately stepped up to the plate. Goodhart, realizing that both Saigon and Dragon have both been loyal and respected roster members, both with impressive performances, was quick to grant their wish.

So, Dragon and Saigon, a “makeshift” team, teaming together for the very first time, were pitted against one of the most impressive, skilled and experienced tag teams in all of wrestling, The Best Around. To the surprise of EVERYONE, including the Best Around and themselves, Dragon and Saigon pulled off the unthinkable upset winning the TWA Tag Team Titles, and proved the old adage, “that on any given night, anything can happen.” But their victory was not luck; it was purely being ready for the opportunity when it presented itself and then applying their skill and what they do best… and that is WRESTLE!

At first, some questioned the “upset” as a fluke, but Dragon and Saigon (now also known as FUSION DS) have been determined to now come together as a true tandem and prove their critics wrong.

They took a HUGE step in that direction on May 7th at ECWA in Newark, DE. Following the loss of the TWA titles, TJ Cannon suffered what could possibly be a career-ending leg injury, and at the very least will keep him from active competition indefinitely. Bruce Maxwell, despondent without his partner, chose to vacate the ECWA tag team titles and took a sabbatical to re-evaluate his career path. So ECWA Commissioner, DJ Hyde, along with ECWA/TWA owner and promoter, Mike Tartaglia, decided at the last minute at the May 7th show to make the match for the vacant ECWA Tag Team Titles between Fusion DS and “Midnight Sensations” Christopher Rockwell and Sam Shields for both the ECWA AND TWA Tag Team Titles and to unify both championships. Not strangers to unpredictable circumstances, the always game Dragon and Saigon were faced with an all or nothing situation where they could possibly lose the TWA titles, where the Sensations had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Not surprisingly, Dragon and Saigon embraced the situation like only they can.

The fans in attendance were treated to a true, competitive, back and forth tag team struggle for the now Unified Tag Team Championship. Not to slight the Sensations, who many have compared to another fantastic tag team from the past “New Breed” Chris Champion & Sean Royal, who made one heck of an impression on the ECWA, but Dragon & Saigon had the fans on their feet and cheering on the likeable duo wildly. In the end, FUSION DS, pulled out the win and UNIFIED the ECWA & TWA Tag Team Championships. The response from the crowd was so great that both Matt and Damian were compelled to thank the fans for all of their support in a heartfelt moment over the PA system in the Boys and Girls Club in Newark, DE.

Since winning the Unified Titles, ECWA has received challenges from teams up and down the eastern seaboard, including NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, MA, GA, FL and even Canada!

Of course, the Sensations, want a rematch, and deservedly so, as the match was VERY evenly contested. “Shields and I did not come to the ECWA all the way from the Triton moon to lose,” said the very eccentric Christopher Rockwell. “Dragon and Saigon won that match, fair and square, but next time (July 16 in Newark, DE) it’s gonna be a totally different story.”

In response, Damian Dragon said, “I have no problem with a rematch. There is no point in being a champion if you are not going to defend against all challengers. I have been pinching myself all through 2011, testing to see if this is all a dream, all the good fortune and success that Matt and I have had, but you know what, even if this is all a dream, we’re not ready to wake up yet. So Rockwell & Shields, let’s do it one more time!”

Be there at ECWA July 16th in Newark, DE for the very first title defense of the Unified ECWA & TWA Tag Team Titles, and come to see if the dream for FUSION DS continues or if the Sensations turn that dream into a nightmare! For tix call 609.220.5598 or email

Dragon and Saigon win the TWA Tag Team Titles from the Best Around in Voorhees, NJ Jan 30, 2011

TWA Tag Team Champs!

For the Unified ECWA & TWA Tag Team Titles vs. the Midnight Sensations May 7th Newark, DE

DS double hip toss!

NEW UNIFIED ECWA & TWA Tag Team Champions!

The Midnight Sensations say they ARE NOT going back to the Triton moon without the Unified ECWA & TWA Tag Team Titles!

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