A New Era Begins

East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) – A New Era Begins!*

Sat, Sept 18th, 2010

Card Subject to Change.

  • ECWA HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: MEGA (c) vs. “A-List” Andrew Ryker w/ Arthur Avalon
  • ECWA TAG-TEAM TITLE MATCH – FAN FAVORITES DREAM MATCH – FIRST TIME EVER: Matt & Bryan Logan (c) vs. “The Heavyweights” Dan Eckos & Sean Royal
  • ECWA MID-ATLANTIC TITLE MATCH: Nick Logan (c) vs. Bazooka Joe
  • Making his ECWA Debut, “the World’s Only Breakdancing, Wrestling Robot” SHOCKWAVE the Robot vs. Mr. Scott Wright
  • Making their ECWA Debut, “The Red, White & BLUE Express” The Blue Meanie & Kid America vs. Mr. Ooh La La & making his ECWA debut “The Midnight Idol” Nicky Benz
  • FIRST TIME EVER IN THE ECWA: Chase Del Monte vs. Aden Chambers
  • “The Heart Killer” Chris Wylde vs. Travis Blake
  • Courageous Cruz vs. making his ECWA Debut CUJO the Hellhound
  • “The Fighting Paramedic” Corey Blaze vs. Jason Leigh
  • Plus…Magnum’s Top Model Search!
  • A Special Video Message from ECWA Founder Jim Kettner!
  • Also appearing…”The Beast” Glen Osbourne, Freak Nastty, JJ Crew Guy, “Chick Magnet” Mozart Fontaine, “The Pitbull” Timothy Richards, Jason XXXL, Press Agent Gus Grand and Sebastian Night!

*Delaware Dept of State Advertising Permit No. 100



Andrew Ryker vs. Mega

In January 2010, “A-List” Andrew Ryker and MEGA had a confrontation in the ring that resulted in an impromptu match between the two. Ryker did not even have his wrestling gear on. After a back and forth battle, MEGA defeated Ryker, scoring a huge win for himself. Months later, MEGA went on to realize a dream when he won the ECWA Heavyweight Championship from Bazooka Joe.

Unbeknownst to many, Ryker went to ECWA founder and then promoter Jim Kettner to plead his case that the loss to MEGA should be voided as he never had a contract signed for the match and he never had time to prepare either. Ryker did make known though that he wanted an official match with MEGA in the future, this time for the ECWA Heavyweight Championship! Despite Ryker’s questionable tactics, Kettner agreed to both requests as he could not argue that the January match was not signed and sanctioned and also believed that Ryker was a worthy contender.

Kettner never had the chance to make the match before he decided to retire from the ECWA in August. When Kettner turned over the reigns to new ECWA promoter Mike Tartaglia, one of the stipulations was that Tartaglia honor the promise he made to Ryker. Tartaglia had no qualms about that request, and in fact thought that such a championship match would be a great way to kick off the New Era in the ECWA on September 18, 2010 in Newark, DE.

The match is officially signed and sanctioned! MEGA will defend his ECWA Heavyweight Championship against “A-List” Andrew Ryker with his ever present personal ring announcer Arthur Avalon by his side. Will MEGA continue to live the dream? Or will Ryker turn that dream into a nightmare? Come on out September 18th to find out.


Heavyweights vs. The Logans

The Logans Brothers, Matt, Bryan & Nick, have had a successful, but tough year in 2010. Bryan suffered a leg injury that kept him out of the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA) Team Title Tournament in June. Nick, who took Bryan’s place, teamed with Matt in the tournament also suffered a leg injury after their semi-final win over Rob Eckos & Billy Bax when Eckos & Bax attacked Nick out of frustration over their loss. An injured Nick went to the finals with Matt, but ultimately lost to the current TWA Tag Team Champions, “The Best Around” Bruce Maxwell & TJ Cannon as Maxwell & Cannon were fresh and injury free and received a second round bye into the finals while the Logans had already had two tough matches. The war between the Logans and the Best Around continues in the TWA today.

If that was not enough, Nick Logan received an serious neck injury in the ECWA at the Super 8 on July 10th in a match where he and his brothers defeated the West Coast Wrestling Association and walked away with the ECWA Tag Team Titles and the ECWA Mid-Atlantic Title. Nick did make a successful return in August and defeated Aden Chambers, although not without difficulty as it seems his neck is still not 100%.

The Heavyweights have been sidetracked a bit as of late. Dan Eckos made a great showing in singles matches in the Super 8 and also in August against Chris Wylde and Andrew Ryker. Also, in August, Sean Royal’s makeshift team with Jason Leigh ended in disaster as Leigh seemingly out of nowhere turned on Royal and the fans and professed his hatred for the USA and his new kindled love for Canada.

Royal and Eckos have now rededicated themselves to tag team wrestling while the Logans return to the ECWA having put their feud with WCWA behind them. New ECWA promoter Mike Tartaglia saw this as a great opportunity to kick off the New Era in the ECWA on September 18, 2010 in Newark, DE by giving the ECWA loyal fans a DREAM MATCH between two of the most popular teams ever in the ECWA. For the first time ever The Logan Brothers will meet the Heavyweights for the ECWA Tag Team Titles on September 18th. Be there to witness it live!!!


Jason Leigh vs. Corey Blaze

After losing a tag-team match on August 14th with his partner “Heavyweight” Sean Royal to Bazooka Joe & Billy Bax, Jason Leigh, perennail nice guy, turned on Royal, the fans and, in the most surprising turn of events, his country as he denounced the USA and proclaimed his love for Canada. Fans and wrestlers alike have been questioning what or who motivated this change as Leigh, after his match, was overheard on his cell phone speaking to someone and telling them that the plan was executed and hinted that the caller was an advisor to Leigh. Tonight Leigh takes on the former friend and tag team partner, the “Fighting Paramedic” Corey Blaze, who not only loves the fans but loves his country with a passion. But what other surprises could Leigh have for fans and Corey Blaze on September 18th?


Chris Wylde vs. Travis Blake

ECWA newcomer Chris Wydle, fresh off the 2010 Super 8, received a permanent spot on the ECWA roster and was impressive and victorious in his match against “A-List” Andrew Ryker and “Heavyweight” Dan Eckos. On Septemebr 18th, Wylde takes on the formidable challenge of Travis Blake as Wylde looks to continue to climb the ladder of success in the ECWA. Blake is looking to bounce back from his August 14th loss to Mozart Fontaine in the bow tie on a pole match and score an important win over this hot newcomer!


Cujo vs. Cruz

Courageous Cruz found himself in a losing effort against “Pitbull” Timothy Richards, but later redeemed himself when he soundly defeated the Bumbling Frenchman Mr. Ooh La La. On Septemeber 18th, Cruz finds himself across the ring from a newcomer to the ECWA, CUJO The Hellhound. Will Cruz be able to summons all his powers to defeat the rabid ring warrior?


Team Amerca vs. Ooh La La and Benz

Mr. Ooh La La seems to have gotten himself into another situation when he challenged ECWA newcomers, “The Red, White & BLUE Express” comprised of The Blue Meanie & Kid America to a tag team match. Ooh La La has had several encounters with Meanie & America in the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA) in NJ, but vows that he will humiliate the duo in front of the ECWA faithful. Ooh La La’s partner for the match is another TWA newcomer, “The Midnight Idol” Nicky Benz, who should not be underestimated as beneath the toupee and powder blue tuxedo is a very accomplished and formidable wreslter!


Shockwave vs. Wright

At the 2010 ECWA Super 8, Mr. Scott Wright denounced all the cartoon characters and silliness in professional wrestling only to find out his first round opponent was no other than U-Gene (former WWE star Eugene aka Nick Dinsmore). Wright could not have been too happy when he learned that his opponent on Septemebr 18th is none other than The World’s Only Breakdancing, Wrestling Robot, SHOCKWAVE the Robot. As Shockwave makes his debut at the NEW ERA in the ECWA, will Wright dismantle Shockwave or will Shockwave electrify the crowd and help lead the ECWA into the new era!


DelMonte vs. Chambers

Former friends and former tag team partners meet for the first time in singles action against one another in the ECWA as former Heayweight, Mid-Atlantic, Tag Team and 2008 Super 8 Champion Aden Chambers takes on former Heavyweight, Mid-Atlantic and 2-time Super 8 competitor Chase Del Monte. Look for a great match from these two Super 8 greats!


Nick Logan vs. Bazooka Joe

Nick Logan returned from serious neck injury on August 14th to defeat the man who took credit for the injury, Aden Chambers, to defend the ECWA Mid-Atlantic Title. On Septemeber 18th, Nick defends against former ECWA Heavyweight Champion Bazooka Joe. Joe is one of the more powerful men in the ECWA and Nick must make sure that his neck is 100% when he steps into the ring with the strongman. Is Nick 100% or will Bazooka Joe use his power to take advantage of Logan’s weakened neck to wear ECWA gold once again?

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