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Word going around is that TWO former ECWA Champions will be at WITCHING HOUR tonight!!!

Question is will one of them be under the mask w/PCA?

My opinion, AJ Pan, it really doesn’t matter BROTHERRR! You don’t disrespect the history and lineage of ECWA like you and ECWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Joey Ace did when you two destroyed the ECWA MID-ATLANTIC CHAMPIONSHIP BELT!!!

The Boss Michael Tartaglia and I have full confidence in Kekoa and Ricky Martinez, a man that possibly knows PCA better than anyone!!

And speaking of the ECWA MID-ATLANTIC TITLE we start on the road to crown a new champion tonight with the first two QUARTER FINAL MATCHES… Killian McMurphy vs Ty Awesome and VIOLENCE vs. Tahir James!!!

That and a whole lot more tonight at ECWA WITCHING HOUR in New Castle, DE, doors open 6pm, bell is 7pm, see you tonight AT THE MATCHES!!!

“ECWA … become a fan all over again!!!”

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